Wednesday, May 6, 2009

C# Source Code for Double Dragon Deluxe

I released the source code of Double Dragon Deluxe.
Double Dragon Deluxe is a nice elaborate example of a multi-player game written in C#.NET using DirectDraw, DirectSound and messaging via TCP/IP sockets.

Remember to download the full game and copy the resources to the Debug/Release folder.
Find the download link under the downloads.

I am currently occupied by other projects and do not foresee in the nearby future that I will develop further on Double Dragon Deluxe or another game.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Game play video

Here is a game play video of the current version of Double Dragon Deluxe.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More bad guys

Great! More features! I added the following new features.
  1. Additional enemy characters, the gimp character from SOR and a tak-haar character from the same game.
  2. Shadow under characters
  3. Appropriate good quality voices for enemy characters
  4. Knock-back effects on attacks, added this to various enemies, weapons and player moves
Currently attacks may have the following associated effects.
  • Visual effect: draw blood
  • Visual effect: falling sweat
  • Visual effect: explosive flash (for upgraded attacks)
  • Visual effect: super explosive flash (for devastating attacks)
  • Damage: Stun opponent for x seconds
  • Damage: Knock-back opponent with force x
I plan to expand the game world and make it non-linear. There will be a base of operations where the player characters start their game. Multiple "missions" will branch from the base of operations and the player characters can choose the order in which they wish to complete the missions, or even split into separate groups to complete separate missions. Every completed mission will reward the player characters with weapons and skills.

The unfinished missions may become more difficult as the player characters become more power . I will also incorporate a storyline for each mission.

I plan to make each mission interesting and entertaining. It is very simple to add enemy characters and one of the missions may just as well be to scour the sewers for those pizza chowing ninja turtles and kick their butts! Another mission may be to do a Michael Jackson mission... (using the Michael Jackson character animations from the arcade game)

I'm looking forward to this, sounds like fun already! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Double Dragon deluxe is now registered on YoYo Games and GameProjects.

You are welcome to suggest features to implement. Double Dragon Deluxe is an ongoing project.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Double Dragon Deluxe's own site

The Double Dragon Deluxe dedicated blog site is created!

Progress on game features will be noted on this blog.

Double Dragon Deluxe is a multi player game written in C# .NET using Direct Draw. A player may join either as a "Hero" or a "Computer Controller Player". The game will randomly assign control of enemy avatars to computer controller players. This makes the game quite difficult and interesting for the "Hero" players.

Game characters can also wield weapons of different types: sword, baseball bat, mace, metal pipe ...

Heroes gain Experience for successful attacks. A hero can use this experience to upgrade attack moves. For example, upgrading the punch attack will increase the speed of punching, add stun effects to the punch move and more damage. Upgraded attack moves have added visual effects.

The game engine supports area sounds and area weather effects. If a player gets closer to an area marked with these effects, the effects will increase. Such as, rain will start pouring harder, or sound becomes louder.